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Led Aquatech: gives life to your aquarium.

In order to achieve high level results, Acquatech has used the latest technology in the field of aquarium lighting with the adoption of high performance Osram leds. This type of led, besides offering the classical 120° lighting angle can, on request, provide a narrower 80° angle so as to concentrate the beam and improve water-penetrating capacity in particularly deep tanks.

The high light output power can be calibrated in terms of both intensity and colour temperature - from a minimum of 2,500° to a maximum of 18,000° kelvin, depending on kind of reefs used in your aquarium.
Furthermore, Aquatech comes equipped with four programmable auxiliary outputs that can activate themselves autonomously, in half-hourly steps and over a 24 h period, in order, for example, to control circulation pumps.

Aquatech, in addition to being an innovative power led lamp with a subtle and modern design can also be controlled by a PC through a WIFI connection.
Aquatech will enable you to simulate a 48-phase day in your aquarium in 30-minute steps with special attention being paid to the transitions between phases.


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